The sacred range of Amulet Jewellery

is currently  being created


My father was born at the foothills of the Himalayas and in our New Zealand home we always had the magical touch of intrigue about this foreign land from which he came.  My mother's family are from New Zealand and have a strong creative spirit.  The combination of these gifts has resulted in a natural flair with both the exotic and the creative.  My jewellery is a gift to keep, a treasure and a good luck charm.

Gemstones from Northern Pakistan

Gemstones from Northern Pakistan

The Amulet Jewellery Range is currently being created from interesting stones from around the world.  Amulets were traditionally worn in ancient times to ward off evil spirits.  With the new range from Amulet Jewellery it is my intention to leave you with a token of good fortune to keep forever.  This will be your sacred piece to bring you blessings and good luck.  


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